The Great Car Chase! (Part 2)

[Back at the Chicago Police Station.]

Radioer: Signal ten seven niner still engaged. Vehicle travelling south bound. Approaching Chicago city limits. Commander advisers will contact Chicago precincts for a local intercept. Maintain pursuit. [hundreds of officers merge on the city] Use of unnecessary violence in the apprehension of the Blues Brothers has been approved.

[Jake and Elwood make it to Chicago.]

Elwood: Well this is definitely Lower Wacker drive. If my estimations are correct, we should be very close to the honourable Richard J. Daly plaza.

Jake: That's were they got that Picasso.

Elwood: Yep.

[They drive on, being chased by Chicago squad cars. Elwood swerves to miss a car, the squad cars don't and all crash into one another - (Listen for the ``They broke my watch!'')]

Officer: Son of a bitch. [starts firing, other officers follow suit.]

[Jake and Elwood escape.]
[Two Nazi cars hide in an alley way. Jake and Elwood drive past]

Head Nazi: There they are. [The Nazi cars pursues Jake and Elwood.]

[A loud clunk is heard in Jake and Elwood's car]

Elwood: Oh no!

Jake: What the fuck was that?

Elwood: The motor. Thrown a rod.

Jake: Is that serious?

Elwood: Yep.

[They drive up a bridge through the smoke coming from their motor. One of the Nazi cars stop at the head of the bridge.]

Head Nazi: Faster!

[At the last minute they see the end of an unfinished bridge. Elwood stops the car and then it backflips over the chasing Nazi car.]

Nazi: Holy shit!

[The Nazi car continues to accelerate and launches off the bridge]

Nazi: I've always loved you.

[They crash into the street making a big hole. Jake and Elwoods car jumps the hole, the pursuing Nazi car falls into it.]

Jake: [Points to a building] There it is.

[Elwood parks the car just outside the door. They get out and the car falls to bits. Elwood stares at in disbelief]

Jake: [Hitting Elwood] Come on!