Palace Hotel Ballroom

[Back in the Palace Hotel Ballroom, the audience is becoming impatient.]

Willie: I always liked to perform for angry mobs.
Curtis: Can't quit now.
Murph: What can they be doing?

[Jake and Elwood park the car in a storm drain tunnel near the ballroom]

Jake: Oh. My head hurts. That nitrates a mean wine.
Elwood: You'd better get right pal, we've got a show to do. Then we gotta figure out some way to collect the gate money and get it to the Cook county Assessors office, as soon as they open in the morning.

[Back at the Palace Hotel Ballroom again]

Audience: [Chanting] We want the show... We want the show.. We want the show..

Mr Fabulous: Gentlemen, I'm leaving.
Willie: Damm we were so close.
Curtis: Hey you guys know Minnie the Moocher?
Murph: I knew a hooker once named Minnie Mizola?
Curtis: No the song Minnie the Moocher.
Steve: Yeah. So what?
Curtis: Hit it.

Song - Minnie the Moocher - Curtis (Cab Calloway)

[Throughout the song, Jake and Elwood sneak up to the hotel. They come across the Winnebago. Elwood enters and glues down the accelerator]

Elwood: This is glue. Strong stuff!

[The song ends. Police officers arrive in the audience.]

Trooper Daniel: Okay let's take them.
Mr Mercer: Now wait a minute we haven't even heard these boys sing. Alright.
Trooper Daniel: Alright. There not going no place.
Mr Mercer: Alright cover all exits let's go. Come on hurry up. Move it.

[Meanwhile, Jake and Elwood get into the Ballroom through the ladies room amongst lot's of screaming.]

Elwood: Excuse us.
Jake: Good evening ladies.

[In the audience]
Mr Mercer: [To Troopers] Who wants and orange whip? Orange whip? Orange whip?
[to a nearby officer] Three orange whips.