See You Next Wednesday

Bob: You know you boys owe me a lot over money for that beer you drank tonight goddammit.
Jake: Bob, we loved playing here tonight. My brother's writing out an American Express travellers cheque to cover the extensive bar tab.
Bob: Well I sure would appreciate it.
Jake: I'd better check up, see how he's doing, see I have to sign it too. I usually sit in the car and write it out on the glove compartment lid. Okay?

[Jake walks towards the car]

Jake: [Walking towards the car, feels his jacket pockets] Need a Pencil!

[Jake gets in the car, Elwood starts it and they drive off. The Good Ole boys rush over to Bob]

Leader: Were them guys from the union?
Bob: Union? What the hell union. Those boys skipped outta here owing me a lot of money for beer. [notices their costumes] What the hell are you guys all dressed up for?
Leader: We're the Good Ole Boys!
Bob: You're the Good Ole Boys!

[Jake and Elwood are in the blues mobile - Bob and Good Ole Boys in the Winnebago following in the distance]

Leader: Shit.

[Bob fires a shot through there back windshield]

Elwood: Our lady of blessed acceleration don't fail me now.

[Behind a billboard two troopers, Daniel and Mount, have set up a road watch. Jake and Elwood drive by. (This is the "See You Next Wednesday" billboard)]

Trooper Daniel: I don't believe it. It's that shit-box dodge again.
Trooper Mount: Bastards are ours now.

[Squad car pulls out with sirens blaring and lights flashing, but crashes into the pursuant Winnebago. The RV does a roll and knocks over a fire hydrant. They all climb out of wreckage. The troopers pull gun on the Good Ole Boys]

Trooper Daniel: Boys, you in big trouble.