Sauna Scene

[Jake, Elwood and Mr. Sline in a sauna]

Jake: Maurie you owe me. We'll play anywhere, anytime for anybody.
Elwood: Put us in the Double Up Lounge or the Morgan Park Theatre, or the Crystal, we always knock them dead in those joints.
Maurie: I don't know boys. I just don't know. Times have changed you know what I mean. What are you guys gonna do? The same act? Wearing the same fracuctus suits. You'll scare people away. Don't you guys ever wear blue jeans or jumpsuits like Wayne Cochran or CC riders?

Jake: Maurie you gotta come through for us we need 5000 bucks fast.
Maurie: 5000 bucks? Who do you think you are? The Beatles? Hey, you know the size of hall you gotta work to take in that kinda money huh?
Jake: We'll fill any hall in the country.
Maurie: You guys familiar with the Palace Hotel Ballroom?
Jake: Never heard of it.
Maurie: Nice place up north. Built in the 40's on Lake Wazzapamani. That seats 5000. You guys fill that place you can make 5000 bucks easy.
Jake: Book us for tomorrow night.
Maurie: Hold it, hold it. Tomorrow night? What are ya talking about? A gig like that, you gotta prepare the proper exploitation.

Elwood: I know about that stuff, I've been exploited all my life.

Maurie: Oh Forget it, there's no way with you guys forget about it.
Jake: Say uh, hows Mrs. Sline? I might have some information she'd like to know.
Maurie: You blackmailing me Jake?
Jake: If you want to put it that way. Maurie we need this gig!
Elwood: We're on a mission from God!
Jake: You get us the hall Maurie and I guarantee we'll pack 'em in from miles around. Whaddya say?
Maurie: Okay. I'll get ya the Palace Hotel. I'll print up showbills, I'll make the place look real pretty okay? I don't think you guys are gonna gross dollar one, but if you do, I want a taste of the gig, okay?
Jake: Okay. Let's go boys.

[Camera angle goes wide to show the whole band were also in the sauna. They get up and leave]