Ray's Music Exchange

[The band looks around the shop. Elwood finds and electric toaster and pulls a slice of white bread out of his jacket.]

Ray: Pardon me, but we do have a strict policy concerning the handling of the instruments. An employee of Ray's Music Exchange must be present. Now, may I help you?
Jake: Ray, it's me. Joliet Jake. I once rented some column speakers from you for my band, The Blues Brothers.
Murph: Hey Ray it's me Murph of Murph and the Magic tones. Remember me? I bought three Fender amps.
Ray: Oh we sell a lot of amplifiers.
Murph: Not like these they were beautiful. Upholstered with thick red shag.
Ray: Oh right, right. I remember now. As a matter of fact I buy 'em all back for 350 a piece.
Murph: 350? I paid $800 each not six months ago.
Ray: Oh well you know depreciation man.
Jake: Ray we're here to buy stuff. We need pianos, amps, mikes the works.

[a boy attempts to steal a guitar in the background - Ray pulls out a pistol and fires into the wall above the boys head]

Ray: No go on! Git! It breaks my heart, a boy that young goin' bad.

[Murph notices an electric piano]

Murph: Tell me a little about this electric piano, Ray.
Ray: Ah you have a good eye my man. That's the best in the city of Chicago.
Jake: How much?
Ray: Two thousand bucks and it's yours. You can take it home with you. As a matter of fact I'll through the black keys in for free.
Jake: Two thousand for this chunk o'shit? Come on Ray.
Murph: I mean really Ray, it's used, there's no action left in this keyboard.

[Ray comes out from behind the counter and sits at the piano]

Ray: Excuse me, I don't think there's anything wrong with the action on this piano.

Song - Tailfeather. Ray Charles, Blues Brothers dancing.

Jake: Ok man, we'll take these axes.
Ray: Naturally, and as usual, I gotta take an I-owe-you.