Richard J. Daley Plaza

[They enter the building, close the doors and pile furniture in front of them. They then run up to an information counter]

Elwood: [To an officer at the information desk] Sir. Where's the officer of the Assessor of Cook County?

Officer: Down the hall, turn right, take the elevator to 1102.

Elwood: Thank you sir.

[Jake and Elwood race off. Outside thousands of people are trying to get it. [Jake and Elwood enter the elevator.]

[A squad of people eventually get into the building and race up to the information desk.]

Squad leader: Excuse me, did you see two guys come in here, black suits black hats one carrying a briefcase?

Officer: Yeah, I just sent them down there.

Squad Leader: Thank you.

[The squad races towards the elevator and then up the stairs]
[Jake and Elwood make it to the right floor.]

Elwood: Hold the door.

[Jake steps in front of the door. Elwood destroys the elevators controls].

Elwood: Let's go.

[They make their way towards the officer. Stacking furniture in front of each door. They arrive at the office to a sign ``Back in Five minutes''. They wait until someone in the office approaches them.]

Assessor (Steven Spielberg): May I help you?

Jake: This is where they pay the taxes right?

Assessor: Right.

Elwood: This money is for the years assessment on the St Helen of the Blessed Shroud orphanage in Calumed city, Illinios.

Jake: 5000 bucks, it's all there pal.

[The squad approaches the right floor but the door is blocked.]

Officer: Stand back... fire!

[They open fire on the door.]

Assessor: And here is your receipt.

[The squad catches up with Jake and Elwood and cuff them]

Jail (Mess Hall)

[The whole band is on a stage in the jail]

Song - Jailhouse Rock

[Closing Credits roll]