Palace Hotel Ballroom

Murph: Oh a classic. What a room. This place is gonna swing tonight.
Mr Fabulous: It's a fucking barn. We'll never fill it.
Curtis: We've gotta fill this hall tonight. A lot of young children are depending on it.
Steve: Young children? Why, whaddya mean?

Gas Station

Owner: We're outta gas.
Elwood: Yep, mind if we fill er up?
Owner: Nope. I said we're outta gas. Tanker trucks late. Shoulda been here two hours ago. It's always late on Thursdays.
Elwood: Well uh... I'll guess we'll have to wait.
Owner: Yeah.

[A sports car with a blond female driver (Twiggy) pulls up to the station]

Blonde: [To Elwood] Excuse me sir, yes you, could you fill it up with premium please and check under the hood.

[Elwood, stuffing his jacket full of five-finger discount fan belts, looks at the blonde and points to himself as if to say "Who me?"]

Blonde: Yes you!
Elwood: Sure.. you uh want I should uh.. wash the dead bugs of the windshield?
Blonde: Oh no don't worry. I'm in kind of a hurry.

[Back at the Palace Hotel.]

Curtis: Where in the hell are they?

[Back to the Gas Station.]

Elwood: So uh.. maybe you'd like to uh come by and see the show?
Blonde: Oh I'm awfully sorry but I do have a prior dinner engagement.

[The tanker pulls in]

[Cut to Police Station...Someone hands in a flyer with for the gig]

Mr Mercer: Thanks Marvin. [reads the poster, talks into the phone] Debbie, get me troopers Daniel and Mount.

[Cut to Palace Hotel Ballroom. Bob and The Good Ole Boys are in the audience carrying baseball bats.]

Bob: I don't see those Blues Brothers.
Tucker: We'll wait.

[Meanwhile, back at the gas station.]

Elwood: Okay, you're all set. That'll be... 94 dollars.
Blonde: Here's 95 thank you Elwood.
Elwood: Okay and uh.. that's a dollar change.
Blonde: Oh keep the change.
Elwood: Oh thanks. Uh.. so look uh, if you're date don't work out tonight for any reason uh, there's a motel up on the interstate, uh maybe we could say uh meet.. around uh midnight?
Blonde: I'll think about it Elwood, okay?
Elwood: Yeah. Bye.

[she drives off. Jake looks at his watch and realises the time (Note the prison scene when Jakes possesions are being returned...the watch is broken!)]

Jake: Son of a bitch. [He hits Elwood] Come on!
Elwood: Owww!