The Great Escape

[Half way through the ``Sweet Home Chicago'', Jake and Elwood go off back stage. They are met there by a record agent]

Jake: It looks like the Mafia is out there.

Agent: You guys are great. I've gotta record you.

Jake: Bullshit!

Agent: Bullshit? I don't bullshit. I'm president of Clarion records the largest recording company on the eastern sea board.

Jake: So what?

Agent: Here's 10,000 dollars. An advance on your first recording session.
[he hands over the cash] Is it a deal?

Jake: Yeah, sure it's a deal.

Elwood: Yeah, yeah, sure.. sure it's a deal. Ah listen all these cops out here, they're sorta waiting for us. We gotta get outta here without nobody seeing us. Do you know a back door outta this place?

Agent: Sure. I used to be head bouncer here back in the 70's. There's an electrical service duct right behind your drummers riser.

Jake: Listen, do us a favor. Take 1400 dollars and give it to Rays Music Exchange in Calumed city. Give the rest to the band.

Agent: You got it.

Jake: Thanks. Bye.

Elwood: Bye.

Agent: Bye.

[Jake and Elwood crawl on to the stage and get into the service duct. Jake get's Willies attention]

Jake: Me and Elwood are gonna make a break for it. You and the band keep playing.

[In the audience]

Trooper Daniel: Something's wrong.

Mr Mercer: Where's Jake?

Tucker: [To Good Ole Boys] Where'd those Blues Brothers go?