The Great Car Chase!

[Jake and Elwood are in front in their car. About 50 or so squad cars and the Good Ole Boys Winnebago is following.]

[In the Winnebago.]

Bob: Shit man! Can't this damm thing go any faster than this?

Tucker: Ah, Bob, I think I got a little problem.

Bob: Goddamn boy!

[They accelerate passed all cars including Jake and Elwoods.]

Tucker: Shit!

All: Argh!!!

[The van drives off the highway, through a shed and into the water.]

Tucker: [To Bob] Don't you say a fucking word.

[View of Blonde waiting at motel]
[The sun starts to rise.]

[Cut to Police Station - Chicago.]

Radioer: All units we have a signal ten seven niner, officers are in pursuit a black and white, 1974 dodge sedan southbound on four-seven. Responds to signal ten seven niner. Occupants of vehicle on Joliet Jake Blues, one Elwood Blues. Consider them extremely dangerous.

[In Nazi Head Quarters, the head Nazi hears police radio broadcast].

Head Nazi: Perpen-Fuhrer!

[Jake and Elwood's Car.]

Elwood: Hey, Jake, Jake, I gotta pull over.

[Head Squad Car.]

Trooper Mount: South bound on state highway 4 7.

[Elwood drives down an embankment, squad cars follow and all crash. Head Squad car recovers and steers out of control, goes flying up the embankment which acts as a ramp... the police car flies through the air and lands in the side of a truck.]

Mr Mercer: Hi. Wanna hand me the mike? Thanks a lot.
[Into the mike] Hi this is car ah...what number are we?

Officer Mount: Five, Five.

Mr Mercer: [Into the mike] Car fifty five. Ah, we're in a truck!