But I Like Smoking Propane

[They pull into a roadside resturaunt, and everyone gets out of the cars]

Jake: You guys go on inside get yourselves a bite. I've gotta make a phone call.
Mr Fabulous: Now Jake, does this phone call concern our first gig?
Jake: Have I ever lied to you?

[Jake and Elwood walk away, towards a pay phone.]

Elwood: What are we gonna do man? We got no gig.
Jake: How much money you got?
Elwood: I got a quarter.
Jake: It's enough for a phone call, come on.

[Jake and Elwood enter the phone booth, together]

Jake: What are you doing Elwood?
Elwood: You said we were gonna make a call.
Jake: I said I was gonna make a call.
Elwood: Who you gonna call Jake?
Jake: Remember Maurie Sline?
Elwood: Sline? The booking agent? What about him?
Jake: Well he got us some good showcases in the old days. He got us the Morgan Park, he got us the Tic Tock, I got him laid, he owes me.
Elwood: Give it a shot.

["Mystery Woman" drives up and attacks phone booth with flame thrower. There's a gas tank next to the booth labeled "No Smoking Propane". The explosion launches the phone booth into the air, with Jake and Elwood in it, and then smashes to the ground. Car drives off]

Elwood: [Coins are scattered all over the ground from the phone]
Hey Jake, there's gotta be at least seven dollars worth of change here.