Bob's Country Bunker

[The band is driving along a dark, quiet road.]

Mr Fabulous: Alright man, we've been in this car for three hours now. Where the hell is this place?
Jake: I told you it would take a little while to get there.
Murph: What's the name of the place?
Jake: Ah.. the name of the place..

[Jake sees a neon sign ahead with the name of a bar on it]

Jake: is ah... Bob's Country Bunker. Here we are.
Elwood: Bob's Country Bunker?

[They arrive]

Mr Fabulous: Jake, the sign says "Tonight Only The Good Ole' Boys"
Jake: Blues Brothers. It should read ``Tonight only the Blues Brothers triumphant return.'' Must be some kind of mistake. You guys unload the stuff. Elwood, come with me.

[Jake and Elwood head for the bar.]

Claire: Well now what can I get you boys? Are ya thirsty, ya hungry, or you just driving through? Maybe you'd like a beer or something a little harder? Hey you know we happen to make the states best pepper steak.
Jake: No thank you ma'am. We may be sucking back a few beers a little later on. We'll be here all night. You see, we're the band.
Claire: You are? Oh gee that's nice. [to Bob] Hey Bob!! This is the band!
Bob: Alright!
Elwood: Er.. what kind of music do you usually have here?
Claire: Oh we got both kinds. We got Country, and Western.
Elwood: Jake are you sure this is the place?
Jake: Yeah, yeah, sure, sure this is the place.

[Bob walks up to them]

Bob: Hi. You the Good Ole' Boys?
Jake: That's us. The rest of the bands out in the parking lot getting our stuff together.
Bob: Well I'm sure glad to have you boys here. I'm Bob and this here is my place.
Jake: Well its a beautiful place Bob.

[the rest of the band walks in with the gear]

Bob: I guess you boys wanna get your steel guitars and everything set up on the stage don't ya. Claire get over there and turn those stage lights on and get these boys going up there.

[The lights go on and Lou notices the stage is screened off with chicken wire]

Lou: Chicken wire?

[Later on, a good size crowd has gathered and rednecks are talking and drinking. Elwood has a song list with requests on it]

Elwood: Man, I don't think we know any of the songs on this list.
Jake: Oh this list doesn't mean anything, they're just requests. We're a regular set.
Murph: Gimme some lovin. 1, 2...
Jake: 1, 2, 3, 4.
Elwood: Good evening ladies and gentlemen we're sure glad to be here in Cocomo tonight. We're the Good Ole' Blues Brothers, boys, band from Chicago. I sure hope you like our show. I'm Elwood, this here's my brother Jake.

Song - Gimme some Lovin. (only the start of it)

[The crowd start yelling at the band and hurling bottles at the stage like crazy. There's a shower of glass smashing against the chicken wire]

Bob: [in a back room] That ain't no Hank Williams song.

[he come out and switches the stage lights off]

Murph: I think you hit the lights!
Willie: Maybe they blew a fuse?
Lou: I don't think so man. Those lights are off on purpose.
Elwood: Okay we gotta figure out something these people like and fast.
Murph: Hey I got it. Remember the theme from Rawhide?
Elwood: The old favourite. Rowdy Yates.
Murph: What key?
Donald: A. Blues country key.
Elwood: Rawhide in A.

Song - Theme from Rawhide.

[The crowd is passified, the lights come back on. They finish the song]

Elwood: Theme from the TV show Rawhide. Thankyou.
Jake: Now we'd like to do a favourite of the horn section. We hope it's one of yours.

Song - Stand by your man.

Jake: Well folks it's time to call it a night. Do what you feel and keep both feet on the wheel. You don't have to go home but you can't stay here. So till next time.. [Rawhide closing]
Jake: [To the band] Let's get the hell outta here.