Cutris talks to the kids at the orphanage

Curtis: Listen, you boys heard me talk about Jake and Elwood. Well now they used to live here just like you. And I used to sing to them just like with you. Tonight, Jake and Elwood are going out to sing and play to raise the money to help you children. Your lazy butts are in this too. So get up on that wagon. We're goin' up north to put the word to the streets.

[Jake and Elwood have attached a giant megaphone to the roof of their car and are driving around town to advertise the gig.]

Elwood: Tonight only, the fabulous Blues Brothers. Rhythm and Blues review. The Palace Hotel Ballroom. Route 16. Lake Wazzapamani. The fabulous Blues Brothers show band and review.

Kids: Check it out, check it out. Tonight only from Chicago the Blues Brothers rhythm and Blues review. One night only, the fabulous...

Elwood: ...Blues Brothers show band, and review. You, on the motorcycle!...You two girls, tell your friends.

Jake: [To Elwood] free parking.

Elwood: Free parking. 2 dollar cover charge only folks. That's a lot of entertainment.

Jake: [To Elwood again] for two dollars.

Elwood: for two dollars.

Little Kid: [Speaking to Aretha at the Soul Food Cafe]
Will you please put this in the window lady cos it's real important?

Elwood: Tonight only. From Chicago. the fabulous Blues Brothers rhythm and blues review for your dancing pleasure...[Lots of pretty women walking along the lake front]...and it's ladies night tonight at the Palace Hotel Ballroom.

[In a men's room, written on the wall...]

Tucker McElroy (Leader): Tonight only the Blues Brothers genuine rhythm and Blues review. Place Hotel Ballroom tonight only.

Elwood: How we doing?

Jake: Well so far we've covered Lake (???) and part of (???) County.

Elwood: Good, let's get to the gig.

[The car chokes and splutters]

Jake: What is it?

Elwood: We're outta gas.

Jake: Oh shit.