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  Sam McGuire, IV    




A resident of Little Rock, Arkansas, I am currently a student at the University of Dallas in Irving, Texas. I plan to attend this university for two years, and then transfer into a School of Architecture my Junior year. I have always been interested in the Blues Brothers, first seeing the movie at home with my parents. This interest was hightened when I discovered that my friend was also a huge BB fan. On several occations my friend and I dressed up, I being Elwood. I now have found that I can combine my two biggest interests (outside of architecture) into one by having a web page devoted to the brothers. I started smcguire's Blues Brothers Page in January of 1998. Since then I have found lots of success. Regretably, the low point in my love of the BB was the premeire of Blues Brothers 2000. I am now working to put that terrible movie behind me and strive to bring the best pictures, sounds, etc. from the original 1980 movie.

  - SAM